Tuesday, 17 April 2012


A few weeks ago I found a small shop in Essex with the most enormous, fabulous shoes! Of course I had to show you them! The store is called 'Simmi' and it does a variety of heels, flats, boots, sandals and all to die for! I could have easily spent a fortune in the shop! I'll be going back to buy some amazing sandals I saw.

 I waited a few weeks to write the review because I'v only recently had a chance to wear them out. I didn't want to be bias telling you they're amazing just from looking at them. 

They have a 6 inch wedge and a 2 inch platform, pretty high, I no. Despite the shoes being very high, as they are a wedge they're extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus they're an open toe, strap sandal design so no broken toe nails and aching toes after a night out. 
The shoes are made of suede which may be their only downfall as they'll get marks if they get wet, I'll try and check the weather for rain before wearing them. A possible other downfall for some people may be the colour as its very bright and wouldn't match much. Luckily for me I buy plenty of pink so these could be my new most worn pair of shoes!

These wedges are very inexpensive, I've seen similar elsewhere and they are around 50-80pounds. These however were only £25! Bargain! The whole shop in fact is very reasonably priced, which is a great change to the normal British highstreet's rising prices. There are sandals (not plain boring and ugly) in the store starting from just £7! 

I'm in love with these shoes and the gorgeous vibrant colour! These shoes also come in many other colours, not just pink. I remember seeing blue, black, cream and a stunning beige brown. I may go back for the beige ones as they'e lovely and will go with a lot more and are slightly more day time;casual than bright pink. 

I'll Try do an 'Outfit Of The Day' (OOTD) video soon showing the shoes and what I would wear them with and I'll post a photo of a complete outfit with the shoes for daytime and evening clothes. 

The store has a website which I've been browsing and falling in love with. And its the reason this blog has taken me oven an hour to write! The site is definitely worth a look at! However I recommend, if a store is near where you live, go have a look and try some of the shoes on and see the heights of the heels for yourself. On the site the shoes do not look nearly as huge as they do in real life. x