Tuesday, 15 May 2012

♥  New Shoes May ♥

Crazy story about how these beauties ended up coming home with me!
I was trying on a dress in Jane Norman that'd I'd seen online and wanted a pair of heels to try on with it just to see how it'd look when I was going out. These were the only shoes in my size! So took them to changing room.. I umm'd and arrr's about the dress for a good 10/15 mins before deciding against buying it ,BUT deciding I loved the shoes! They're ssoooo comfy and beautiful! the pink underneath and inside is too cute! Plus they're a great height, not too big that I'm a giant, but big enough to make my standards of massive heels :P
If you're passing a Jane Norman you must try a pair on!
They're £35-£40 depending on colour/pattern. These plain black with pink underneath are £35 =]

Other colours they come in are....