Wednesday, 21 March 2012

♥ The Cheaper Options ♥

Whenever there are gorgeous shoes in high priced shops there are also cheaper options that look just as amazing! And if I'm honest i think most of the time they are 100% identical and bought from the same retailer and they just put their own labels on the shoe and sell it as pricey as their brand name! So when somebody has a real Jimmy Choo and you have a shoe that looks identical they may be the same but they just OVERPAID! You can laugh at them, in your head of course, lets not make them feel bad.

Firstly the Kurt Geiger shoes that I myself actually bought for £150, well don't I feel silly when there is an exact match for just £25, and they come in a much bigger variety of colours! I could have bought the whole range, all 6 colours for the same price as i paid for my ONE I stress! ONE pair! But I can't stay mad too long, I love all my shoes =] #ShoeLove
I Found these shoes from which is a great online retailer! I often find exact clothes and shoes which are in high street shops for a cheaper price! Result!

Office Shoes is a shop I love and hate! I love it because it has amazingly gorgeous shoes! I hate it because all their shoes that are in there can be found cheaper in other places! I specially hate it when I buy shoes from there and then casually browsing an online retailer, and there they are half the price!! For example! You've probably seen these shoes in Office at some point, they're always in the window and they're in so many different colours.
However these shoes in the photo do not come from Office! they come from! At half the price. Office do these shoes for £60 and boohoo do them for £30. I have a pair from both retailers and they are 100000% the same! Except the label durr. They're selling their brand to you and not the product! Beware! You can save yourself soo much money by looking around before buying! Why do you think the internet was made? for us Shoppers to find great deals!!

These Wellies are so cute and I've tried to resist but I'm going to buy a pair after this blog! I've seen these in lots of Boutiques! especially around Central London. They're being portrayed as the posh Chelsea Girl boots. They do look rather classy for wellies and that's probably why some Boutiques thought they could stick a price tag of £50 on them! Their only wellies they will be worn in the rain and will get muddy! Luckily I found them better than half price! In fact I found them for just £18! Plus I found a whole range of colours in them too not just boring black and white. Praise again to!
boohoo's shoes actually start from a range of £5! How can you go wrong? click on now!

Funny thing, while writing this blog and finding the photos for my comparisons, I found what looks like, my Kurt Geiger Boots I was talking about but in brown! Slightly upset, mine where in the sale and this cheaper pair still beats the sale price by more than half! =[ (tear) I may have to buy the brown ones too. This Blog seems to be costing me more and more.
This is them, I can't see any immediate difference to the Kurt Geiger ones I have. Sale Price mine were £70, and these are £29.99 and they come from A TIP TOP online retailer with the most amazing and cheap delivery! I used free saver delivery, which is free or may have gone up to £1 in the last month, for my last purchase of a dress and it still came a day later! Impressive and highly recommended!

Like I said before these spiky shoes are everywhere! All over the high street, river island do some funky versions, new look have a collection of them and of course my favourite, the online retailers have them too!
This pair is from missguided and I picked these because they have an extra dimension of amazingness! They have diamonte's and sparkle everywhere! These ones are £44.99 a huge step down from the £205 Kurt Geiger similar style.
The New looks version of these start from £20 and are just as fab so make sure you have a look!

Hopefully with these few examples you can see there is always ways to save some extra money.
Maybe for your next pair of shoes ;) why buy one pair when you can buy more for the same price =] x

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