Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Swarovski Crystal Heels

For anybody that knows me they'll no I'm shoe OBSESSED!
I'm a tall girl, yet I'll buy 8 inch heels because I just love them and they look good, I end up towering over everybody and intimidating all the men. But who cares when you feel amazing with gorgeous shoes on your feet!

I've recently come across the new craze with Swarovski encrusted heels! I'm a typical girly girl soo sparkly swarovski's plus heels is just life changing! You may be thinking I'm slightly crazy buy wait till you see the beauties....

How completely amazing!.. I came across the twitter page advertising these shoes a while ago and bought a pair just out of curiosity, and the moment they came I fell in love and continued to buy and buy from this site! I can't get enough! The prices are fantastic considering the type of shoes and the quality you get, plus the WOW factor and the time somebody has spent personally decorating; by hand gluing crystals on them! HATS OFF!!

Since I bought mine I've had uncountable compliments! Plus I get girls asking where they can buy a pair and how much etc.. etc.. They're a real conversation starter! They get more attention than I do! This particular website sure does sell to the stars too, I see them everywhere! Being a shoe NUT the first thing I notice when looking at magazines and watching shows is what's on peoples feet! Iv'e seen The Geordie Shore cast wearing them, I've seen The Only Way Is Essex cast wearing them, the list goes on! But the point is, YOU must be seen in a pair of these drop dead gorgeous heels! Greatest investment you will ever make!

If you want to see them in action I believe they're staring at ESSEX FASHION WEEK! 8th April 2012 which of course I WILL NOT be missing!! and of course WILL be wearing one of my my own pairs of these heavenly shoes!

Give a visit for yourself!! The Range of stunning shoes just keeps growing! xxx

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